Get organised for Christmas challenge: week five, have a read

Recently, I sorted through some old books I used to have at my parent’s house and found this one:

I love that it has a message from my parents inside, and that it’s dated. There is something so personal about inscriptions and I think it is the fact that you are writing a piece of your own history into the pages of another.

It got me thinking that as part of this week’s challenge, to find inspiration among all the pre-Christmas preparing, we could (re)read some Christmas stories. If you’ve got time tomorrow, visit your local second-hand bookshop. Buy a picture book about Christmas, and dedicate it to yourself or someone you love. Start a tradition of savouring the stories!

If (like me) you have limited time, check out some of these links:

“What Christmas is as we grow older” : Charles Dickens

“A home-made holiday” : Ruche magazine

“Old Christmas” : Washington Irving

“The Purpose of Christmas” : Rick Warren

“A Darcy Christmas” : Amanda Grange

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