Get organised for Christmas: week 7, decorate and detoxify

It is the last day of the week, which just goes to show you how busy I have become. This week is traditionally reserved for putting up trees… we don’t have one. Instead, I am decorating the unit (tomorrow), and will peacefully potter through the clutter which is my crafting, planning, moving, shuffling: all an extension of my messy mind. We have things in piles:

It is all hap-hazard and half done: like having to hang out the washing in our bedroom before going to sleep.

There are also things in odd places, like this mirror I bought over the weekend ($15 Vinnies, Sutherland):

… and while I do love admiring my tip-tappy feet, it is well and truly time to get back to the gantt chart I made at the start of my decision to pursue a clutter-free and thoroughly organised Christmas. There may be some serious adjustments that need to be made!

One thing I want to work on is creating some    e m p t y   s p a c e s  . Since I tend to clutter things, this is a significant challenge, but having some more empty space among the busyness will probably bring it into more clarity. Here’s what I’m thinking:

this is the sideboard pictured earlier, minus the washing. I covered it in a re-purposed cotton blanket and used some red trim from Jules Craft Shoppe to pretty up the edge. Let’s see if I can keep it that way!

(Here are some other trims I like for Christmas)

Stay tuned tomorrow for some well timed decorative give-aways!



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