Get organised for Christmas: weeks 8 & 9, finding still moments amid the blurr

How have your Christmas preparations been going?

When I began this challenge series, I imagined that segmenting my time into manageable goals would lead to a calm, relaxed and (thoroughly) measured approach to Christmas day. I forgot to anticipate all the extra things that need doing at the end of the year – routine cleaning and tidying and planning for the year to come. Among it all, the urgency I first felt (to clean the house, file the paperwork, buy and wrap all the presents and straighten the towels) has subsided into ambivalence. Yet, I made a Christmas tree

(un-decorated at present, better photos to come),

have been wearing my elf-like boots around everywhere,

and bought a Christmas CD: “A Very She and Him Christmas” with Zooey Deschanel. It’s not really J’s favourite, but I love the nostalgia it evokes. I have a great affinity with eras that came well before my time, and I love to imagine what Christmas was like in the 50’s.

Go and listen to a little bit of it on youtube. You may fall in love with it, just like I have.

So the challenge for this (and last) week: make time for Christmas! Chase it in a song, make a ginger-bread house, or wear some red and green. Buy the presents, plan your menu if you’re hosting, organise everything in the house (if you will), but savour a few contemplative moments amid the rush. Venture into your local CBD with a basket in hand. Walk slowly with a smile and greet the people around you, happily. Pause in a cafe for a cup of tea, and buy flowers for the table. You can do alot in a day, no need to panic!



katie : )

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