Christmas is here and (so quickly) gone again

The last few days before this Christmas  were the busiest I can ever recall. We had taken a trip up to the Blue Mountains to visit my parents when J went into hospital for some (minor) emergency surgery. How very unexpected! I let go of all the plans I had held onto so tightly, intent instead on passing the time quietly beside J as he recovered, groggily. When we could go home (to my parents home) I enjoyed the preparations that mum had taken to make Christmas day special. It was sublime; summer pudding for breakfast with vanilla bean, cinnamon and honey yogurts, fruit salad, brioche, stollen and a spicey bread based pudding. We ate outside in the shade of the leaves. Bliss!

Driving back to the Sutherland Shire was similarly peaceful, and there was so much fun to be had with all of our nephews and our beautiful neice. (We bought them super-hero outfits, which inspired many attacks on make-believe ‘baddies’).

When we got home, we had baked beans and toast for dinner. It didn’t matter that our 2d Christmas tree remained un-decorated, or that our house looked a bit hung over (having become the dumping ground for all our belongings between dashes here and there); it was our first Christmas together: not at all how I had planned it, but wonderful none the less.





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