getting organised.

I am almost too ashamed to show you these photos (you may notice how significantly blurred they are). This is our spare room, aka: the dumping ground:

(I like to think that, blurry, these photos look beautiful, like a messy oil palate. In real life, this room is a bit of a disaster zone…)

This month, I have made it my mission to make this room more functional; I want to be able to sit and sew without moving piles of assorted clutter, and I will need to start studying in here soon.

I like to imagine how it could end up:

I love the yellow and turquoise!

wouldn’t it be lovely to have so much white and mint?!

cute studio via urban farm girl

I love the neatness of the desk, the shelves, the prints, the butterflies and the wardrobe, ah! via the etsy blog

cool clipboards, and what a beautiful space! via pinterest


Oh, wouldn’t it be lovely?!

happily, katie : )


p.s. I am thinking of running some workshops on how to transform your work/craft space – what do you think?


  1. love the clipboards- such a cool way to display things! And yes, I definitely think you should run some workshops on transforming the work/craft space…. I’d most likely attend it because you have great and creative ideas and are so bubbly which just adds to the workshop :)

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