friday freebie: a very ‘happily’ meal planning tool

Happy friday! The weekend is almost here! To celebrate, here’s a free meal planner to make cooking a breeze once school term starts. This planner is great because:

1. it’s laminated, which means you can draw all over it with a whiteboard marker and just rub it off later.

2. you can use the magnets to plan meals for the whole week in less than 15 minutes (great for when you’re feeling uninspired)

3. it’ll help you stick to a budget.

You can download the planner (here) and the grid to use for your favourite recipes (here). Then all you need to do is print, laminate and stick on some magnets!

I found this magnetic tape in k-mart. It’s super fun and easy – perfect for this project!

I’ll also be running some workshops on meal planning down at Jules Craft Shoppe these holidays. More info to come!

happily, katie :)

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