valentine’s day…

Valentine’s day is curious. It’s all red hearts with glitter and sparkles, long stemmed roses and sappy-faced stuffed animals. I’m puzzled and captivated by the whole thing, (that these very specific cultural practices should somehow convey love). It preaches a certain exclusivity (of expression) – both for those in love (giving and receiving a ‘valentine’) and those on the margins of it (who do not).

I’m sure the whole thing was meant to be light hearted in the beginning: something fun and frivolous, but it seems really to have gotten out of hand – don’t you think?

I heard an advertisement labelling this “valentine’s” week as the perfect time to express one’s love with a diamond bracelet, or a golden necklace. For a birthday – maybe, to mark an anniversary – sure, but for a valentine?

I’m inclined to think that a little sincerity and kindness goes far enough, and I am certainly one to prefer something heart-felt and thought inspired than conventional or expected.

On Valentine’s day this year, I ran to greet my husband in my pajamas and with breakfast still on my face. We treated ourselves to lunch in a cafe, sitting quietly as a gentle breeze meandered by. It was a day like any other: made happy by the kinship between us.

Here are some of the more creative and humble takes on the valentine’s tradition:

grown up fort via escapade. J and I used to built cubby houses all the time. Wouldn’t this be so much fun when coupled with pop-corn and a movie? And not necessarily couple-specific.

lunch bag (with tutorial) via creature comforts. Who wouldn’t like to eat lunch when packaged like this?

a vintage inspired valentine! download for free from the ruffled blog. It makes me wonder if “Valentine” would work for a girl’s name. Imagine growing up with an entire day named after you [at least that’s how I would tell it]. “Good-morning little valentine”. hmm…


<3 katie

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