Inspiration monday: snapshots from the sunday fair & Kelani Fabrics

On the weekend, my sister, A, took me into the city, to see the Sydney Craft and Quilt fair. We walked around the vast expanse of quilts on display: glancing, looking and staring at each one as we talked about colour choice, technique, motifs and patterns. I found a quilt that reminded me of chamomile, and drives to the mountains with J.

A found a quilt reminiscent of her first move from home: a small flat in Katoomba, filled with light and bitingly cold air, with pine-needley trees in the front yard, and always tea in the shelves.

She bought me a scarf: floral, with red around the edges.

I bought a fat quarter…

And five scraps for $20 (“a bargain!” the shop-keeper said, “it’s vintage, from England, I bought it for $150 a metre”). I’m thinking I might turn them into a cushion…

I also discovered the most wonderful vendor: Kelani Fabrics.

I was so sad that I had spent all my money before I got there (curses on sensible budgeting!!). But then I discovered that they are actually a web based store, hooray!

(how cute are the hot air balloons?)

I loved the way the fabrics were laid out, the freshness of the overall colour scheme, and how every little thing was so charming.

Check out their fabric range for even more inspiration. (Oh, and they also cover lamp-shades and make cushions for you too!!)

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