half-way there, happily

Our little one is busy moving and squirming, and we are about half-way along in our journey together. With R, I photographed my expanding tummy every week, and had a little celebration when we got to this point:


This time round, things are very different! I think I had time for a few strained photos by myself before Riley joined in, and there was little time to consider things like “how does my hair look” or “how do I want to frame this shot”. Still, thankfully, we got a couple worth sharing:


bump 20 weeks

(I look so serene, given that there’s a toddler playing with the tripod and begging to blow out the candle I’m holding!)

riley and I at 20 weeks

He was pretty excited (at first) to press the button and watch the red self-timer light flash. I really don’t know what I’m going to do when I can’t just lift him up anymore. Boy am I in for a ride!!

Riley eating the birthday cupcake

Riley was pretty keen to eat the cake. Let’s hope the good feeling lasts once bub gets here!


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