close up riley helping with hk

Since last writing, I have been trying (and trying, and trying) to find time for ‘happily, katie’. Because J is busy with a full time study load, this has meant some creative shuffling and multi-tasking, which hasn’t been very efficient; most of my attempts at ‘work’ are interrupted, and it can be hard to be motivated when R is so captivating (and at times, so insistent). I’ve tried working outside:

trying to sew with riley outside

trying to draw with a toddler

R’s tried working with me inside:

Riley wondering what I'm doing

and there have been rare moments when we’ve both worked alongside each other:

working together in the 'sudio'.jpg

working together.jpg

(Riley’s even ‘helped’ me at times!)

Mostly, progress is slow (sometimes frustratingly slow!). I get most of the work done at night, by the glow of my laptop screen, or in the light of an open doorway. I am often interrupted by night-wakings, or fall asleep without meaning to. Still, progress is progress, and it will all come together eventually.

In the mean time, thank you – readers – for being part of the journey. I can’t wait to be able to share a bit more, soon!


favicon-16x16 Katie

me in the 'studio'.jpg

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