31 weeks bump update

31 weeks with number 2

So, today we hit 31 weeks together, baby # 2 and I. 31 weeks is an odd interval (the last photo I took for the two of us was at 20, and before that 14, I think) which reflects how different pregnancy can be the second time round. Mostly, I’ve been feeling like this:

what 31 weeks feels like sometimes - hiding

Although I do have so much love already for this squirming little thing growing quietly and assuredly, in secret.

31 weeks love for our little one

And I am pretty excited to meet him or her!

31 weeks connecting with baby

As a little aside, Riley noticed the camera after a while (he was engrossed in lego making for the bulk of the time) and felt indignant that he hadn’t been consulted for what he calls “the alarm”. He really likes how the self timer function on our camera counts down to the final shutter click, and spent ages pressing the button for me, long after I had finished posing (there are only so many times you can stand still and smile before getting bored, I’ve found)

riley camera assistant


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