colour, crochet, and the paint box blanket

crochet in my new blue dress

For a little while now I’ve been crocheting quietly, using left-over tapestry scraps passed on to me from a kind soul, earlier this year.

crocheting in my new blue dress

crocheting is one of the few things I can happily do while R plays, and I find it therapeutic to stitch each stitch, one at a time. I’ve also recently realised that colour has a huge impact on my mood, and by pulling out a bright skein of wool I can transform moments of drudgery into moments that inspire and replenish me.

colour box crochet blanket

Here are some of the squares I’ve got so far. I like to think they look like a box of water colours, refreshing and bright. When it’s finished, it should be a smaller version of this blanket by Purl Soho. I’m so looking forward to putting it all together soon! Stay tuned for a tutorial on the process


katie :)

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