Monday mantra – let it be

let it be mummy mantras

Today marks the first in what I hope will be a semi-regular feature on the blog: Monday Mantras.

For me, a mantra is a phrase or word that helps me to focus my attention where I want it to be. I think about mantras when I’m thinking about my own thinking, and also when I’m thinking about my interactions with the world around me.

One of the mantras I kept coming back to today was: Let it be.

Today I felt upset and sensitive for no clear reason (although it could be that I am quite pregnant!), and my anxiety was easily triggered by things around me, many of which I could not control. I tend to hold myself captive to high standards, and I tend to want to ‘manage’ the things (and people!) around me – which can be quite unhelpful when the desire comes at the wrong time (as Solomon wrote in the bible – ‘there is a time and a season for all things’ – and there is definitely a time when things ought to be ‘un-managed’) or when it conflicts with others’ healthy need for autonomy.

Recently, my therapist told me that in responding to anxiety, we can act to accept, acknowledge or avoid the feelings we experience. I’ve since forgotten the difference between accepting and acknowledging (I think one of them is about being aware of how the feeling feels and where?), but I think ‘let it be’ is one of the two (maybe?).

So, today I took a moment to let the feeling, and the moment, be. Just as it was.

And it did help, (at least a bit!)


katie :)


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