Friday freebie: rainbow-drop bunting

Years ago, my sister gave me this beautiful bunting made by kikkiK.


Then I had R.

newborn happily rainbow bunting kikki k

I remember holding him, swaying gently and singing, and how he used to reach out to touch and move the dangling shapes, delighted.


For a while, they co-existed happily.  Then R began to grow strong, tall and curious – and after repeated pullings, the shapes became torn, crumpled, chewed on (*shakes head*), or were lost.

Riley helping with the bunting

It’s taken me almost three years to replace it (the original is no longer sold), but at last, our walls are adorned in a rain-drop rainbow again.

rainbow drops bunting at the table

a rainbow above our bed

I’m not sure how long it will last, but at least I can always print and make more as needed. And now you can too!

print copy of cloud rainbow bunting

(download here)


katie :)

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