setting up shop, slowly

holding E

I write this while holding my daughter as she sleeps. I’m afraid that if I lay her down I’ll lose the chance to post today, and I so want to tell you about the shop I’m trying to open. So I have one hand and five fingers tap-dancing across the keyboard, while the other holds her head and shoulders. This mornings air is cold and gentle, and the autumn leaves are shaking and falling, in the space outside, and in shadowed duplicates across the table. Birds call, and the ebb and flow of traffic and tree-rustle is calming like the ocean.

I have some things to show you:


Four brooches: proto-types I had made (over a year ago!). I’ve almost finished the packaging (I’ll have to tell you about it!) and have been trying to take photos – so I can list them in my etsy store (which is pretty bare – as ever- at the moment).

But it’s hard to take photos with the kids:


R’s hands just can’t keep away from string and paper, which are always “just what I neeeeeed!”


And E wants so much to be held – and to hold, anything small and mouth-worthy. I do feel kind of guilty, trying to sell brooches when I can’t actually wear them myself (they are just too grabbable for my miss!!) but I hope I can get some wear out of them vicariously, should you feel so inclined to purchase one.

And so, can I ask you a favour?

–   I have ten brooches to sell. This will allow me to make some more, and to try some new design ideas as well. Eventually, this will also allow me to pay for some childcare through the week so I can have time for this venture. I’m selling them for $15 each, with free postage within Australia. If you, or someone you know would like to buy one, could you contact me via my facebook page?


Each brooch is packaged in a re-purposed milk carton, which can go straight into the recycling, or can be re-used for myriad other purposes

(lately, R has been building them into towers, wearing them as hats, and enclosing small lego pieces – trapping baddies and making music with his improvised ‘instruments’).

hopefully I’ll be able to do a more official ‘e-commerce’ thing soon, but for now (as my back is starting to arch and ache) I’ll leave it between us and facebook,

happily (and with extra love and thanks),

katie :)


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