happily, katie

About me, happily


hello! I am katie, and this is my blog.

It’s both a study of happiness and a great source of my own happiness – and I hope it brings you joy as well!

Here you can expect to find photographs and writings about happy, fun and simple things, as well as more philosophical musings on what it is to find contentment in all circumstances, and, when happiness isn’t the appropriate response, to sit and be – in whatever form that takes – with acceptance and love.

I believe that God made the world, and that He knows what’s best for us. Part of what makes me “happily, katie” is finding my identity and purpose in His word – which is something I’d like to share with you from time to time.

I’m also a mum. 90% of the time. It’s exhausting and interesting and wonderful and drab all-at-once, and it’s giving me the chance to grow and become bigger, stronger, wiser, kinder.

Since starting this blog I’ve learned that many contradictory things make me happy and that I need to:

make mess // keep things tidy // immerse myself in bright colours // rest in the quiet calm of nature // d o   l e s s // do more // attend to things as they arise // sit and wait // spend time alone // smile at strangers in the street // pray // sing // dance // dress up // connect with others

 I hope to get to know you more, readers, and that you feel free to come, just as you are, to a place of acceptance, hope, and healing – a place where you can be happily you, as I be happily me,


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4 thoughts on “About me, happily

  1. More such unselfish contributors and the community would surely become a more productive environment for all of us.

  2. Celeste on said:

    Hello Katie! I am wondering if I could have a read of your Ext. English 2 writing piece? Ainslea is currently finishing hers off and it reminds me so much of yours.

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